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Feline Curly Selkirk Rex
We are a small cattery in the Pacific Northwest,
located north of Seattle, Our kittens are raised in our
home with cats. dogs,a parrot, and lots of love!

We are passionate about Selkirks because of their
personalities. They will follow you around wherever
you are, and flop down beside you. They don't have
to be on top of you every moment, but they want to
be with you. They will cuddle and purr, but don't get
offended if you have something to do. They are
playful, but you don't have to clear off your shelves.
They are easy cats to have around, and that is what
we fell in love with.

They also have this crazy, curly coat that makes you
want to run your hands through it. They kinda feel
like a stuffed animal (that you have to feed and
clean up after). Come to a TICA show and check
one out!